Painting with a soul


For me, painting with my soul is like diving into the bottom of a deep lake. I throw some thoughts and emotions out of myself before entering its waters. Others float to its rippling surface like air bubbles with exhalation. I dive deeper and deeper into the corners of my soul. Some of its depths are still unexplored, others I already know intimately. Along the way, I greet my uncertainty, self-control but also personal criticism. I nod in trust, love and the desire for self-knowledge. I watch everything from the position of an observer. The one who creates but also the one behind it all. I observe the mystery of life.

The first level of soul painting is the cleansing one. I think about my aim. What intention will I choose for today? What am I missing on the way to better know myself? What prevents me to enjoy things and feel the gratitude? What keeps me away form unconditional love?  Connecting with my own SELF, awakening the inner fire, healing myself from inside to outside ... There are really many intentions I could brink to the light.. I know I can do this my whole life. Constant growth. I like the never-ending path of transformation through my own creativity. Intention is essential, but it is not the most important part of the process. The most beautiful part of this is the relaxation, the joy of life. The first phase of painting is often still clumsy, rough, lacking lightness. Sometimes it is kind of shy, cumbersome. Thoughts, fears .. why yes, why not..Heavy weights float to the up above the surface, disappear into the distance ... lighten me and cleanse ... Thoughts both sprang up and left. The head acknowledges "I DON'T KNOW. And it's sooo relaxing...bringing peace. 

The second level is emotional. The painting painted by the soul does not try to enchant anyone. Not even the one who is creating it.. The source doesn't care if I like it or not. I have long since learned to judge or criticize what I see. The image is simply a dot. But what's new here are my feelings about it. How do  I feel when I am working on it. How do I feel when I look at the result? What's new here, what hasn't been here yet? I observe the observer as he observes the observed. A new plane of observation. What has changed in my intention now? Is there anything my image wants to tell me?  New thoughts about myself? Everything is possible when we opened to it. New possibilities..What are the next steps I need to take in my life to achieve my goal? The soul knows the answer to all this. Let´s listen. 

The third level is the level of the soul. Our tiramisu is about to be eaten with a pleasure. Each part is important and together they give a sense. Soul painting is actually a meditation by moving a brush and mixing colors on a canvas. The beauty of the colors, the tones of the music, the dancing of the brush, the vibrations of my body absorb me in a beautiful rhythm, so that every cell of my body dances. It is a connection with one's own interior. There is no time or space here. Here I just experience the real ´ME´. The realization of what happened only comes back to the head. There are no thoughts or emotions at this stage, there is only emptiness. But the void is incredibly full. It is in this void that the ´AHA´moment comes when I ALREADY KNOW! I already know the answer to what I want, what needs to be done. I removed the barrier. I picked up a signal from the depths of my soul.