Unblocking massage

Conversation, soft techniques, hard techniques, integration.

Massage is suitable for both man and woman.

What is it about? 

Massage as an intensive healing process that allows you to gradually get rid of the protective armor (armor). Although this body's defense mechanism protects us from unwanted feelings, it also prevents us from living and fully manifesting ourselves. 

What you get 

This therapeutic massage will help you get rid of pain and re-tune into a healthy and happy feeling. It allows the flow of chi or life energy in the body to release pain or emotions that block it. It restores your natural balance and generates a transformation at the cellular level. This process uses pressure points, strong vibrations, breath and the movement of your energy throughout the body to release, break and remove your body's armor. 

Common effects reported by people who have done this are: 

Life energy pulses through the body with greater strength and greatness, life flows more easily, and most experience greater contact with themselves and with God, deeper intimacy in relationships, and access to deeper and higher levels of orgasm. In addition, there is a greater need to do activities that nourish the body, inspire the heart and motivate the mind - what expresses the deepest desire of our heart.

How it goes

The massage itself takes place on the floor on a mattress, preferably when the client is completely naked (I cover the non-massaged parts with a blanket). The whole body is massaged, first gently to warm up. Gradually, I look for points on the body where I feel the need to push. It is important to cooperate with the client, whose role is to remain present in the process. I urge him to breathe as much as possible, for example by voice. Because emotions of various kinds (sadness, anger, etc.) are also released during the massage and they can be associated with various verbal expressions, at the beginning of the therapy we agree on an escape word, which will mean "I will no longer rule".

What you need to know

I use soft techniques - applying a gentle constant pressure to the points on the body until the tension (emotion) is released or hard techniques - using stronger pressure (eg elbows). 

All in agreement with the client, active listening and cooperation with the client. Therapy allows you to release blocks and trauma, for example, one client was able to release trauma from a strangulation from a past life by applying pressure to the throat. After the massage, there will be time for rest, conversation, tea. 

The total time of therapy can be up to 3 hours, so it is necessary to set aside time and space for yourself. 

I massage at home. You will get the exact address after filling the form (location is Bratislava-Rača).

Relaxing massage in massage therapy using orgasmic energy is possible as well. 

 Tantric disarmament involves working with orgasmic energy and expanding the capacity for pleasure in the body. It involves working with the whole body to remove blocks and open the body to a free and undisturbed flow of energy. Represents unblocks in the pelvis and genitals. 

Orders: By phone at 0948 18 99 33 or using the form below I massage in a pleasant home environment 

Duration: approx. 2-3 hours After the massage you may be tired, you need to set aside time for regeneration. You need to drink plenty of fluids. 

The price: Unblocking massage 150 EUR (2hrs) or 220 EUR (3hrs)

Unblocking massage with orgasmic energy 200 EUR (2hours) or 300 EUR (3hours)

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