Transforming therapy Access Bars®

ACCESS BARS® is part of the Access Consciousness® tools. The method originated in 1990 in the United States and has since helped many people around the world change their lives.

BARs is 32 points in the head area, something like a repository of all thoughts, feelings, emotions, attitudes and beliefs that we create during our lives and which remain stored in us in consciousness and subconsciousness. During therapy, their energy is energized by a gentle touch of a combination of points. Then the negatively charged information can dissolve. The unnecessary, often taken over (opinions, beliefs .... from other people with whom we have identified and "function" according to them) after dissolution or abolition .... frees up space for our own thoughts, opinions, beliefs ... .The life changes will begin soon. Everything you need to change can change. 

BARS will help you facilitate change in all areas of your life. Individual points are related to areas of life such as relationships, money, work, health, creativity, stress, etc. First, a gentle touch starts the process of releasing and clearing basic thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Everything that is ready to leave our lives is leaving. Everything that no longer serves us and that we do not need. 

BARS are effective for: 

  • strengthening of body systems - central nervous system, digestive system, lymphatic and hormonal system, reproductive system 
  • body and hormonal balance 
  • unresolved pain and restriction of movement 
  • pain in the lower back and cervical spine, insufficient mobility of the spine, stiffness of the spine 
  • stress and tension 
  • disruption of the effects of trauma on the body - removal of everything that is locked in a particular place in the body and causes pain, the body gets used to this pain, lives with it and this causes more trauma and more and more and thus leads to further weakening of the body 
  • after surgery, fracture, fall in vision correction for dental and hearing problems 
  • initialization and activation of 90% of brain capacity and function 
  • renewable energy pathways 
  • cleansing during long-term use of drugs, hormonal contraception, after vaccination, antidepressants, sleeping pills cleaning up past sexual experiences 
  • easier functioning of the body during exercise or exertion.

Price: voluntary donation / 70 minutes. The first therapy has no fixed price, the client donates a voluntary contribution at the end.