Special dual therapy "OPENING"

The change you will feel - a discovering and deeply healing experience. 

2 guides (Lucia Glejteková and Tomáš Fodor - www. rebirthing.sk

1 client 

Open up, overcome defense mechanisms, see your separate parts, meet your own emotions, release tension, integrate your rival parts. And even more. To see my masks, to find parts of myself that I cannot uncover on my own, to restore communication with them.

The body is not lying. The body knows. 

Two psychosomatic therapists will mix an individual cocktail directly on your body, in a safe space, with a full presence and with a clear intention. Methods: psychosomatics, bodywork, breathing techniques and psychotherapy Psychosomatics is based on the assumption that mental tension is reflected in bodily tension. Its basic idea is that our repressed emotions are stored in the form of energy blocks in the body and affect its functioning. For example, back pain does not have to be just from a sedentary job, but it can also be a physical expression of the fact that we are literally "putting too much on our shoulders", that is, that we work more than we can. 

Psychosomatics is sometimes also referred to as the bridge between the Eastern doctrines of consciousness and the body and Western psychology. It helps to know and release energy blocks and muscle tension that one does not realize. It is a combination of working with the body, breathing and psychotherapeutic methods. Body-focused therapy therefore works on three levels of human existence - emotional, physical and mental. The mind deceives us every day, but our body never deceives. The body always knows what is best for us, it is only our reason that gets in its way and creates barriers that are difficult to cross. We approach each client individually. Procedures are different and will result from our joint conversations, depending on what problems you are coming up with. The main goal of our work is to release your blocks, emotions and beliefs. The result is establishing a deep connection with your own inner self, unleashing your life potential and moving towards health, joy and conscious life.

Experiences of our clients: 

"I'm relieved on several levels right now. Thank you, your work is amazing." 

- Jozef Kubinsky 

"I suffered from dizziness for about 10 years, I could never lie on the back of my head. After two meetings, there was great relief and I no longer need to have two large pillows under my head at night. Thank you." 

- Karolina Ujfalusiova 

"It's hard to describe the feeling after therapy. Ease, happiness and peace. My mind was in bliss and I felt connected to Life" 

- Jannette Hessbo

When I was five, I almost drowned. I fell into a mountain stream, fighting for my life in a strong current. This was one of my traums that I was able to transform into Opening Therapy. When I began my journey of discovery with Arup, I was frightened, full of fear and anxiety. But I had the hope to find a deeper sense of my suffering. We gradually uncovered the layers of emotions stored in my body. I have not experienced such a deep feeling of self-love in any other therapy. I am more open to my own body and I can observe when my nervous system begins to transmit stress to individual organs. Arup helped me unlock my prison of pain and suffering, which I created through my unconscious behavior. And in my work as a graphic designer, my new "I" shows greater confidence, joy and creativity. "

 - Olivia Novakova

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