Body and Heart Opening Ritual

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This massage therapy is suitable for both men and women. It is based on the principles of classical tantra, meditation and conscious touch. If the energy calls me there, I use elements of shamanic healing by touch. Conscious loving touch has miraculous effects. It awakens vitality, love and joy. This healing ritual of body worship is an indescribable experience. It is connected with the heart and the restoration of physical and energy balance. It helps with acute mental states such as depression, anxiety, lack of life energy, love and so on and restores the inner balance of our psyche. Nowadays, we are used to still being in a hurry and not caring about our body and health. During the massage, you will relax perfectly and feel the flow of life energy.

Through a gentle touch all over your body, you will feel connected to a source of infinite love. My job is to create a safe environment in which you can afford to accept tenderness and loving conscious touches. With the help of the massage, you relax and then your subconscious opens and the trapped emotions can go away. , Tibetan bowls, koshi, kalimba, cymbals, etc.)

About Me

I have been actively engaged in therapeutic massages since July 2021. She received body-oriented psychotherapies thanks to her teacher Tomáš Fodor, whom I have been assisting in breathing therapies since September 2019 and during weekend experiential seminars - Inner Child Healing. Together we organize group therapy "Breathing treatment", it is a form of holotropic breathing associated with pelvic work, where our subconscious blocks and displaced traumas are located. 

What effect can you expect: 

  •  relaxation release of stress and tension, 
  • revitalization, overall harmonization of body and spirit,
  • pumping energy, stimulation of the blood, lymphatic and energy system (body, meridians, etc.), 
  • unblocks not only of an intimate nature but can also deal with self-love, self-esteem, self-confidence and more .., helps solve problems with premature ejaculation, etc.
  • treatment of trauma and blocks from childhood, puberty, helps solve sleep problems, additional treatment for depression, anorexia, etc. works.


1. Touching a masseuse is  strictly forbidden! 

2. Orgasm and ejaculation are not the goal of therapy. 

3. Do not consume alcoholic beverages or any stimulants (coffee, black tea, energy drinks, etc.) 

4. Do not eat too much before the massage, a light meal is suitable about 2 hours before the massage 

5. It is necessary to order in advance min. 2 hours before the massage, preferably 1-2 days before. 

6. It is necessary to think about the reason for the need for massage / therapy and also to choose a suitable transformation intention as the goal of therapy is to transform the soul by acting on the body (energy impact)

 7. Sleep well before therapy, not too tired. Also, do not plan too demanding activities after therapy..

What we will do

We always start with a conversation in which we set the intention for the ritual. It can be from relieving, relieving stress and gaining new energy to healing a specific trauma. If you don't know, never mind, let's take a look. 

The massage itself begins with a standing opening ritual, where we purify ourselves, ground and invite energies and other guides to the space. Let's engage all the senses. During the ritual, I use visualizations for presence, mental cleansing, self-sensing HERE and now .. 

After the introductory ritual, the client is asked to lie on the mattress. I alternate gentle touches with dynamic ones, I massage the whole body, at the end I devote myself to intimate parts. The goal of the massage is not orgasm (although it is not excluded if energy flows there) but healing the psyche by a playful intuitive touch on the body. 

The massage is followed by relaxation (integration), possible meditation or visualization and conversation. It should be taken into account that this therapy is very strong and really goes into the depths of our formulas and settings. 

You will be able to feel its effect for several days or weeks. Emotions can be washed out (the complexity of integration depends on the intention). Therefore, I will be at your disposal for possible repeated therapies and consultations.

What you should know

I massage on a massage table or on a special mattress. The client is naked, the whole body is massaged. The client is naked, women can stay in their pants if they are shy. I cover the exposed parts of the body with a sarong. To maintain the flow of energy, I massage in my underwear (panties) or sarong, it always depends on my current feeling. 

Before the massage, it is advisable to think about the spiritual intention (reason) of the therapy, which should be related to the healing of the soul. 

During the massage, I alternate dynamic ones after gentle touches, but always according to how I feel. I use the techniques of classical massage, intuitive massage but also Butterfly therapy (Metamorphics) and gentle touch, which has great power. I also touch the intimate parts, but orgasm is not the goal of therapy (even it can happen but it depends on the energy flow)! 

Therapy uses the healing potential of orgasmic energy to treat trauma, psychic disorders, or to flush out bad patterns or stuck emotions. 

Massage has its own technique, but I use intuitive guidance, tailor-made according to the client. Each client is individual and often needs a special focus on a specific need. I use pure (unscented) natural oils for the massage. 

In the longer variant, the ritual of cleansing with hot towels is also a part of it, which stimulates the blood circulation and makes the body more sensitive to touch. With the massage, the energy flows into the whole body from the head to the fingertips. 

With gentle touches, I find out how strength and power are in softness and can work miracles. It is forbidden to touch a masseuse! In case of non-compliance with this prohibition, the therapy is immediately canceled. 

Duration of therapy: 2 hours. It may happen that the therapy is prolonged, please set aside enough time for integration as well.

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