About me

Two years ago I set myself on a journey from the Darkness to the Light. I decided to break the family destiny that started to fall on my shoulders. We had a bipolar disorder diagnosed in my family tree. Several generations suffered, both on my family branches were fighting.

After burnout at work and in my personal life several times and constantly falling into loneliness and self-pity, I realized that I don't know myself and I was asking whether my life has any sense. After a battle with myself I choose to live and to beat my personal demons. I remembered the meditation retreats we used to attend with my father when I was in my teenage years. Once we attended a retreat with Indian guru teaching meditation and prayers in Střilky (Rep. Czech). I started to meditate daily. It helped me out from the crisis and I rediscovered love and inspiration in myself.

I learned how to connect with my true nature. From this place the visions came to me in the form of images, feelings and sometimes information in the form of words and whole sentences. They led me on my way to authentic self. On my journey, I met some inspirational teachers and South Americans shamans who painted the contours of my future mission. Creativity was given space in my life again and I could fulfill my dream to help.

After 20 years I started to paint again. Today, the energetic paintings are my healing tool for helping people to fulfill their intentions. The creative work helps to remove the barriers and obstacles standing in the way of their talents. I believe everything is energy. We manifest in our material reality what we focus on in the energetic one. That is what we call life.

Step by step, I learned to love myself. I opened myself to my feminine energy and sexuality, which I blocked in my early teenage years. I realized how much I missed the human touch and how little I trusted to people. Today I have the opportunity to use the touch in a therapeutic way. I used to be afraid to connect with my intuition. Now it allows me to connect to the source where I can find the truth. It allows me also to understand the person I am helping to heal. Because we are the same person. 

Because we are all one.