About me

My name is Lucia Glejteková and I am a body-oriented therapist. I got to work with the body thanks to the lecturer and therapist Tomáš Fodor, with whom I have been cooperating since 2019. Together we provide e.g. respiratory therapy ´ Rebirthing´. I co-founded the sound medicine and shamanic trance singing treatment project "Sound Medicine" and I devote myself to self-development work in nature in power energy places from where I draw my strength and enthusiasm for energy work .. I work independently with energy and touch, which is my passion and mission ...

I was born in Martin into a loving family until ... that was not changed by the bi-polar disorder of the beloved father. Everything has changed since then. Parental divorce, little brother, mother started a business. The relationship with my father was no longer the same. At the age of my father (30), I also began to experience manic - depressive phases. To this was added burnout at work, unsatisfactory work, personal or partner life. She decided to put an end to the family's depression and began looking for and working intensively on herself. The change did not take long, so she decided to share her experience: 

  • I practice meditations, purification techniques and visualizations to change the state of consciousness. For example, chakra meditations, relaxation meditations, meditations in nature in strengths, etc., 
  • In July 2019 I experienced a retreat in Spain with Octavia Rettiga (Bufo Alvarius, Kambo, Wim Hoff method) and I organize similar stays and ceremonies in Slovakia, 
  • Since September 2019 I paint the healing energy images with the intention and organize regular joint creative meetings "Painting the soul",
  • In Novebmer 2019I  became a certified intern in the Access Bars and Access Energetic Facelift transformation energy method,
  • Since September 2019 I have been assisting and co-lecturing Tomáš Fodor, during individual and group experiential therapies (more information on joint projects can be found at www.rebirthing.sk). I study and practice healthy movement (especially in nature and eating (shamanic and folk cleansing techniques and rituals, currently undergoing liver cleansing by changing diet),
  • since March 2021 I have been accompanying at power energy sites in the Little Carpathians, leading purification rituals in nature and on Menhirs (power stones). With Klárinka Lesní, she organizes Druid healing trips in beautiful Slovak nature, my family relations have also improved, my father Igor Glejtek and I are writing articles together today, which you can find in the Blog section, 
  • since April 2020 I have been organizing "Crystal Evenings" - a sound bath with crystal frequency bowls and dedicated to therapeutic music and sound therapy, currently cooperating with Miška Janovská on the joint project Sound Medicine. This experimental combination of shamanic musical instruments with frequency instruments has a surprisingly effective effect. I lead and organize the Women's Circle - Nutrients in the City, currently renamed Women on the Road since June 2021 I have been accompanying the Shamanic Way and Shamanic Ceremonies with Indian Medicine Rapé and Sananga 
  • since September 2021 I have been participating in the organization of courses Chakra treatment in strength positions in cooperation with Ing. Peter Štrelinger (Healthy Living Center: www. Centrumzdravehoživota.sk) 
  • since June 2021 I have been providing energy and massage healing therapies in the Euphoria Salon in the center of Bratislava with great love and respect: a loving touch heals..and not only that. Elemental therapeutic massages are a wonderful way to harmonize the unbalanced element not only in the body but in the entire energy system. It helps to restore the disturbed balance and harmonize both the body and our psyche (soul). For example, water helps us to receive and unblock repressed or accumulated emotions. Fire allows us to process our anger, rage, guilt and shame. Properly directed anger will help us restore our personal boundaries and restore our inner strength. The air helps move our intellect and thinking. If you feel stagnant and your life is one big routine, air is something that stirs up your energy for new beginnings. The earth represents our physical body. If we have a body that has been tired and nourished for a long time, even a sore body, we cannot function normally ... take time for yourself, relax, indulge in touch and massage. The Maya Ritual is a Buddhist ritual for the worship of the whole body, which aims to heal the spirit through a playful intuitive touch on the body. It can be said that his most daring goal is to enlighten or experience the so-called ´the state in which we become ´buddhom´. At least for a while, we have the opportunity to experience a state of complete renunciation of ´lip´´ or craving, and we experience complete relaxation (nirvana) and cease to suffer