Who am I

Lucia Jasna Glejteková - therapist, spiritual guide and facilitator of methods of working with the body in classical psychotherapy (bioenergetics). In addition, I deal with energy work in nature (earth intelligence, power points) and shamanic methods of working with energy. In my therapy, I deal with five equal directions, which I interconnect: Healing Physical Blocks, Healing Emotional Injuries, Healing at the Mental Level, Healing at the Spiritual Level, and Restoring Life Energy. 

I use body-oriented psychotherapy techniques such as: bioenergetics, psychosomatics, bodywork, holotropic breathing with pelvic work - Rebirthing, etc.), which I combine with touch and massage techniques (Tantra, Shamanic massages according to the Elements, etc.) and also with energy and shamanic techniques. healing and purification (Rapé and Sananga medicine, meditation, shamanic musical instruments and soundhealing). I studied with therapist Tomáš Fodor (rebirthing.sk) for two years, I went through several experiences with medicine (eg Rapé, Bufo Alvarius, Ayahuasca, etc.). I participated in retreates with shamans and guides in Spain (Octavio Rettig) and in Slovakia.

What will you experience with me

If you really need to relax and recharge your batteries not only for a short time but to really learn to work with your life energy, you are at the right place. 

You can look forward to a gentle loving touch, but at the same time you need to understand that the real power is in you. Find that potential in yourself. 

You will renew your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual resources through therapies and massages and you will learn to work with your own energy. So that thanks to this unique combination of therapies you will always be able to find the energy center within yourself whenever you need it. 

Individual therapies last from 1-3 hours, depending on the option you choose. We'll have plenty of time to talk.

 Therapies and massages take place in a safe environment at home. 

I massage both men and women either on the massage table or on the mattress (as required).

 I use 100% natural oils and essential oils such as DoTerra or Phatos.

Online reservation

Book your session in time. We will confirm your reservation via email. 


1. Touching the masseuse is strictly forbidden

2. Consuming of alcoholic drinks or any other kind of prohibited substances is forbidden

3. I do not offer any other kinds of sexual practices, please do not ask about it otherwise you will be banned. *

Where I am located


exact address will be provided after booking the session